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Position Description

Jr. Graphic Designer and Marketer

Mclean, VA



As the Graphic Designer, your job is to conceptualize, design and implement all aspects of the production of each marketing product; and lead the design and implementation for internal graphic design needs. This position will work closely with the developers, sales, and creative team to make sure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule and serving the initiative’s needs. This job is expected to change over time based on the company’s needs and the employee’s strengths. We anticipate you bringing your own strengths and ideas to the table to create a team environment.

    Job Requirements:

    • Work in concert with the creative and technical team
    • Produce rich and detailed material to aid in the creation of products and support their sale
    • Assist with tradeshow and event marketing materials
    • Design and implement strategy for company brand
    • Internal and external web, print and motion graphic design production
    • Develop graphical elements for blog posts, whitepapers, eBooks, reports, info-graphics, etc. *

    Analyze overall style and tone of production and create:
    • Collateral design for events and productions
    • Print-ready artwork preparation * Provide detailed and insightful analysis of each production
    • Produce sketches, visual references and storyboards to convey ideas
    • Concept sketches to express style and tone but also be able to work quickly without “official” story boarding and sketching
    • Analyze and annotate scripts and theatrical works * Keep staff aware of new and significant developments internally and in the industry
    • Be imaginative; constantly seek new methods of creativity * Ensure work is in line with the goals of the project, and that internal and external needs are met
    • Effectively articulate ideas and processes
    • Open communication to share progress of work and design * Proficient oral and written communications skills
    • Other duties as assigned

    Specific Qualifications and Experience
    • Extensive illustration and digital production experience showcased in portfolio
    • Image manipulation and graphic design skills
    • Strong typography skills
    • Strong Web development skills
    • Strong Marketing Experience (list management, lead generation, and customer journey creation)
    • Proficient with Adobe Suite, internet research, Salesforce, Microsoft Word, WordPress, Pardot, Google Apps (AdWords, Analytics, Gmail, Calendar…), etc.
    • Some video experience
    • Ability to provide thorough written analysis
    • Macintosh and PC experience
    • Master or Bachelors in Arts or Fine Arts Preferred