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Position Description

Technical Content Writer

Nagpur, India



  • Responsibilities:Expected to write interesting/appealing product descriptions and create visualizations for it.
  • Writes content which is original, grammar error-free, and technically/conceptually clear.
  • Self-reviews content before sending it for review. Must be open to receiving & implementing suggestions/feedback for the betterment of final output.
  • Co-ordinates with Development Team(s) to better understand the working of products & facilitates accurate content generation.
  • Occasionally, performs research on other authority/competitor sites.

    Job Requirements:

    • Good vocabulary is a must with an ability to describe similar content in different formats & styles so that it sustains reader interest.
    • Self-learner who demonstrates a high learning curve to accept & work on the technical challenges associated with this profile.
    • Is accountable & must have a sense of ownership for the work.
    • 2 - 3 years of experience in writing technical content/documents.
    • Familiarity with MS Office Suite & screen capturing tools is preferable.