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Position Description

Liferay Portal Developer

McLean, VA



Are you an experienced Liferay developer who is looking for new ways to solve problems, meet challenges and improve software capability and functionality? Then come join TechnoMile to become part of a highly innovative cloud solutions technology team. TechnoMile is looking for an experienced Liferay Portal Developer, who has good understanding of Liferay Web Technologies and Web Servers.


  • Hands on with Liferay 7, creating OSGI bundles, customizing existing OSGI bundles, Service Builder in Liferay 7(OSGI), Spring portlets interaction with Service Builder Liferay 7(OSGI), web content in Liferay 7.
  • Extensive Experience in Liferay Portal Development Using Java/J2EE, JSP, HTML, JavaScript & different Plugins of Liferay Such as Portlet, Hook, Strong knowledge in Liferay Portal Users, Roles,Sites, Pages, Organizations, Locations, User Groups and Administration.
  • Experience on Liferay MVC Portlet, Spring MVC Portlet APIs, Familiar with Liferay URLs, request types action, render & resource, portlet phases, Window States, different tag libraries & implicit objects in Liferay, Utilities APIs in Liferay, Search container for displaying and search container with actions.
  • Experience on Liferay Service Builder, creating entities, creating finders & their implementations, Writing Custom SQL, Dynamic Query API and Boolean Queries for Conjunction and Disjunction of Different Tables for complex data retrieval from database.
  • Experience in Permissioning of Pages, Portlets, Model resources, Portlet Preferences, Inter Portlet Communication (IPC) among different portlets Using Public Render Parameter, Session & cookies for portlets of the pages, familiar with different configurations & configurational files of Plugins and Portal.
  • Created hooks for customization of JSPs, Struts actions over riding, new struts action for OOB portlets, events, indexer Post Processors, service wrappers, languages & localization, familiar with mode.
  • Experience on Themes & Layouts, Using AUI & Bootstrap for creating UI components, localization of content, Effective DOM manipulation using JavaScript & and familiar with Browser events, implementation of their listeners.
  • Experience in Upgrade Processors and Start-up action for running upgrade process, adding/modifying default data and Expando tables, columns, rows & values API of Liferay for adding custom attributes to Liferay’s default tables such as User, Roles, User
  • Experience on Document & Library API to create & retrieve DL files & Folder, Meta data retrieval of multimedia content like mp3 duration calculation, etc.
  • Extensive experience in concepts of Sites, Pages, Users, Organizations, Roles, User Groups, Locations and handling with Pages for Sites, Organizations, User Groups and Permissioning of different resource based on Sites, Pages, Users, Organizations, Roles User Groups, Locations & Portlet etc.
  • Customized OBB Search Portlet, Login Portlet, Roles Admin, Category Admin, Blogs Portlet, Liferay breadcrumbs, Familiar with Portlet Filter for different portlet lifecycle phases, Asset Category and Vocabularies, Global Site of Liferay.
  • Ability to Generate service using Liferay Service Builder.
  • Experience in Spring core modules, handling spring beans such as wiring, defining and configuring them with respect to application context, Spring MVC, Spring data.
  • Experience in build tool ant, extensively used Maven for dependency/build/code management, Tortoise SVN, Bit Bucket. Involved in project maintenance, have experience in code management and Deployment using Jenkins Tools.

    Job Requirements:

    • BS Computer Science, Information Systems or relevant background
    • Liferay Portal Developer, Minimum 2-3 years of experience in Liferay
    • Good exposure and understanding of Liferay Web Technologies and Web Servers.
    • Hands-on in Core-Java and Spring framework (Spring - MVC) and Hibernate
    • Hands-on in Liferay 6.x/7.x
    • Hands-on Portlet development - Liferay MVC Portlet.
    • Experience in Liferay Theme development.
    • Good Understanding and knowledgeable in Liferay Portal administration - User role and privileges, workflow management etc.
    • Fair understanding and knowledgeable in DAM Liferay Digital Asset Management.
    • The candidate should possess decent communication to work with client side business and technology teams.